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APex Training Manual

APex Training Manual
Innovative First Aid Training from APex Training Solutions

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CPR & First Aid Training Provider in Alberta

CPR & First Aid Training – A Life Skill

At APex Training Solutions, we believe that first aid skills are more than a jobsite requirement—they are valuable life skills that everyone should know. CPR and first aid training can help save a life, prevent permanent disability, provide physical and emotional relief and, by making people more aware of safety issues, contribute to personal injury prevention and ultimately, safer communities.

The Apex Training Solutions program follows the latest ILCOR guidelines and is an approved first aid training agency in the province of Alberta.  Apex Training Solutions is also recognized in other jurisdictions by virtue of TILMA which includes Alberta, B.C., Saskatchewan, Manitoba and N.W.T./Yukon. 

APex has developed a unique program that teaches all the essentials—but stands apart from other CPR and first aid programs.

First Aid Instructor Training, Support, Resources and more...

Whether it’s program development, instructor training and support, or first aid resources, APex is committed to innovation and excellence. We invite you to explore this website to learn more about our emergency, standard and health care provider programs, and how you can become a CPR / first aid instructor. Why not start by taking a virtual tour of our cutting edge first aid manual—It’s What You Know?